Research Sources

The research into the men commemorated on the would not have been possible without access to some very special websites on the internet.

If you are researching any aspect of the Great War and come across a stumbling block don't despair. All you need to do is go onto this forum, ask a question and one of the very knowledgeable forum members will be there to help. The combined knowledge is astounding in general but a number of members are specialists in particular regiments or even battalions and are sure to be able to guide you well.

Although the internet is a fine source of information, sometimes you can't beat a good, old fashioned book! The following have been esssential reading both as a background source and for specific information about units etc which is just not to be found anywhere else.

  • The History of the South Wales Borderers 1914-1918 by C. T. Atkinson
  • Out since 14 - A history of the 1/2nd Battalion The Monmouthshire Regiment 1914-1919 by John Dixon
  • History of the 2nd Battalion the Monmouthshire Regiment by Capt. G. A. Brett
  • First World War Graves and Memorials in Gwent Vol 1 by Ray Westlake
  • First World War Graves and Memorials in Gwent Vol 2 by Ray Westlake

A special thank you must go to the following:

  • Margret Dufay - a wonderful lady who has travelled around France and Belgium to take photos of the men's graves and commemorations.
  • Tabernacle Church - for the use of the fantastic photographs of the men of the congregation who fell.
  • St Paul's Church - for the opportunity to photograph the Roll of Honour in the church.
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